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Key Responsibilities

We do believe strongly that “Teaching can’t be done forcibly”. It is an emotional process between teacher and the student. Today everybody wants to teach lessons to the teachers and make them ‘streamlined.’ The capitalists and the officers make policies and force teachers to teach and dance according to their tunes. These persons have no time and ability to teach their own wards neither they know the ABCD of education. But they can preach “how to teach”. They have no degrees to teach even Nursery and K.G. but the power of money and position make them able to act as dictators. This situation is harmful for education and the democratic society. Here our responsibility lies only to seek an intervention of the Judiciary in the field of education.

Department or Workgroup

Govt. of NCT of Delhi and other States and Union Territories of India, all Government schools run by Directorate of Education (Delhi), Municipal Corporation of Delhi, New Delhi Municipal Committee (NDMC), Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, Sainik Schools, Army Public Schools, Indo-Tibetan School Organisation, Aided, Un-aided, Recognised or Non-Recognised Public Schools.

Our Team

This Forum is a Non Political, Non Profit Welfare Organisation and works as a Self Help Group. All its founders are highly esteemed with the sentiment to help the Educationists' community without any personal interest.

Patron and Mentor
Mohan Shandilya, Advocate, Hon'ble Supreme Court
Bhagwan Singh
General Secretary
Madan Mohan Tiwari
Vice President
Nawab Singh Arvind

Our Members

This Forum was established during Navratras 2007. We are getting very warm welcome from all Eucationists and our membership is increasing like a boom. Now our presence is throughout the country.

Our Network
This organisation includes various personalities from different fields of life like art; drama, media, music, literacy, law, politics, NGO, publications and corporate etc who are of national recognition and have bagged many national and international awards.They are providing under current support to us and ready to share their views and get-together to generate power back-ups for the betterment of the education. This ‘think-tank’ will be a treasure for coming generations.

About Us   |   Our Team   |   Our Projects   |   Social Network   |   Membership   |  Blogs   |   FAQ       RTI